Stetson Rollins consulting

Services We Offer: Consulting, Training, Organizational Effectiveness, Diversity & Inclusion, Teambuilding, Management, Communication, and Executive Coaching

StetsonRollins Consulting offers:

  • Values-based Consulting & Training
  • Organizational Effectiveness Strategies
  • Employee Engagement Training
  • Diversity & Inclusion Consulting & Training
  • Custom-Designed Workshops & Seminars
  • Leadership Traininng
  • Teambuilding
  • Executive Coaching
  • Management Development
  • Conflict Resolution & Crisis Intervention
  • Strategic Planning
  • Training of Trainers
  • Large-scale Employee Conference Design & Facilitation


Corporate Capabilities

StetsonRollins Consulting is known for the depth and quality of its consulting, training and insightful writing on issues of organizational effectiveness, diversity & inclusion, teambuilding, management, communication, and executive coaching. With more than 50 years experience between them, Bryant and Shirley, have impacted more than 80,000 people. They are proud to be among a small cadre of seasoned professionals who helped invent theories, strategies and operational practices in the field of diversity and inclusion as it relates to organizational effectiveness and community development.

StetsonRollins is based in Jacksonville, Florida. Our clients include Fortune 100 and 500 companies, Federal, state and city government entities, athletic teams, individual leaders, nonprofits, community groups and faith-based organizations. Our work helps to fundamentally transform individuals, groups, systems and communities in their capacity to manage and master the engagement of their human differences. In addition, Bryant and Shirley are experienced in conflict transformation and mediation, in corporate and community settings.

Our work focuses on personal growth, professional development, leadership development, teambuilding and organizational effectiveness. Bryant Rollins and Shirley Stetson have extensive experience in conflict transformation and mediation, in corporate and community settings.


StetsonRollins-Meuse Award

Bryant Rollins and Shirley Stetson receiving the Meuse Award, 2009.


StetsonRollins Strategy and Methodologies

Statement of Consulting and Training Philosophy and Methodology

Core Values

  • Inside-Out Change
  • Depth Before Distance
  • Grounded, Centered People
  • Collaborative Community
  • Diversity & Inclusion
  • Equitable Partnerships


The Core Values at StetsonRollins are captured in the following aphorisms:

1. “All meaningful and lasting change begins on the inside.”
Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr.

StetsonRollins consulting and training is designed to foster personal change strategies that begin on the inside of the individual, the team and the organization, then ripple outward to impact others. Much of our focus is on issues of human differences. Our strategies regarding personal growth, group development and organizational effectiveness  are designed to insure an individual or organization is “doing its own work” in taking personal responsibility for results as it attempts to impact others.

2. “Slow down, we’re in a hurry.”
StetsonRollins consulting and training is designed for deep personal and group-level reflection and discovery. This insures depth of learning and the sustainability of the outcomes over the long term.

3. “The Successful Engagement of Human Differences.”
StetsonRollins training and consulting is highly interactive and discovery-based. We employ basic group processes and group dynamics to create a safe and non-judgmental environment where individuals can explore their personal and professional values and compare those values with behaviors in the workplace. Our training is experiential. Our processes encourage participants to relate concepts, models, skills and tools to personal experiences at work. Our methods include small and large group exercises, video presentations, brainstorming, open forum discussions, and facilitator presentations.

Commitment to Collaborative Consulting

StetsonRollins Consulting is committed to full collaboration with its clients. We tailor all of our consulting and training activities to the specific needs of the organization its values, structure, management style and organizational culture.

Our role is to support our clients in processes of self-discovery that bring forth latent internal capacity present in the organization. We bring our subject matter expertise to bear in those areas where a client organization discovers gaps in its own capacity.

A Multi-faceted Approach

StetsonRollins consulting and training is multi-layered. We work simultaneously in these areas of development:

1. Individual development
Coaching and counseling for organization executives, leaders and managers. Working with staff members to help them understand and open themselves to changing and developing at the individual level, which always helps people to move at the group and organizational levels as well.

2. Interactive development
Helping to strengthen key relationships among team leaders, managers, supervisors and key staff groups.

3. Team Development
Teambuilding that leads to high performance multi-cultural teams: focused on decision-making, open communication, departmental collaboration and synergy.

4. Organizational Development
Providing strategic interventions that develop the overall capacity of an organization to function at higher levels in achieving its Mission, Goals and Objectives.

5. Systems Development
Supporting activities that strengthen an organization’s ability to work effectively with external customers, clients, communities and constituents.