StetsonRollins Consulting works with clients individually, in groups and systems at the values level — consulting, training, coaching, counseling, and building high performance and inclusive work teams aligned with their organization's vision, mission and goals.

Slow Down and move yourselves... toward a more effective organization.

StetsonRollins Consulting will help you and the people you work with achieve new levels of performance. Our cultural alignment processes will match employee behavior with the organization's Values, Vision and Mission.

We offer an array of customized consulting and training services that help your organization slow down and engage deeply so that you can hurry to tap into the skills and passions of all employees.

Slowing down and being intentional increases motivation, individual accountability and productivity, bringing forth untapped talent, energy and creativity.

StetsonRollins Consulting offers:

  • Values-based Consulting & Training
  • Organizational Effectiveness Strategies
  • Employee Engagement Training
  • Diversity & Inclusion Consulting & Training
  • Custom-Designed Workshops & Seminars
  • Leadership Training
  • Teambuilding
  • Executive Coaching
  • Management Development
  • Conflict Resolution & Crisis Intervention
  • Strategic Planning
  • Training of Trainers
  • Large-scale Employee Conference Design & Facilitation